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Owner (BG)
Homeowner, excuse me that I disturb you,
This is somewhat a strange visit.
I saw a light in the windows of thy storey,
The door is open, doorman already sleeps.
New lodgers are having a party,
They, after drinking, shout that you're a myth;
But I remember the day when I moved here,
And I'm really glad that you're alive.
Host, I just was walking from friends,
I was thinking about something my.
They live in these new houses,
And childishly pleased with dwelling.
But I recall my impregnated with smoke corner,
Lantern in the window, dome with a cross,
And me so light as in a snowy night,
And I laugh at their witchcraft.
Landlord, yes, I lead a strange life,
And manager of a household doesn't love me;
Thy servants, perhaps, lovely people,
But they too don't give me roses.
And I go past them like an honored guest,
Although to me just is rented a corner;
But, Landlord, forgive me for impudence,
I'm not superfluous in your home.
Owner, yes, I pay not as all,
But I pay by what is.
Owner, my faith is weak,
But I heard the good tidings.
Owner, I'm a good-for-nothing foundation,
And probably a bad oar –
But, Owner, when you'll want to drink,
You will remember my craft.

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